Cash Me Ousside Girl Tells Doctor Phil “You Were Nothing Before I Came On This Show. I Made You”

Dr. Phil’s “thank you for that” makes this clip. Nothing about that situation should have been funny but for some reason the way he said it along with his face was inadvertently way too funny.

I can’t even stand to stomach the show for a second. At least with Jerry Springer there was this unsaid recognition that everyone was just laughing at sideshow freaks who were probably acting. This is like fetishizing the humiliation of wayward teens. There’s this creepy insincere ‘Oliver Twist’ style helping hand extended to messed up kids, only to turn them into future suicide victims. I wish that kid was acting.

This girl certainly comes off as a trouble maker and could use some guidance but instead she got put on national TV and turned into a meme. Now she gets harassed online about it, gets in fights over it, even has suicide rumors spread about her. She was not perfect to begin with, but all of this is just going to mess her up more.